Environmental Management Services

Urban Synergy Consultants Ltd offers Environmental Management solutions to clients in both public and private sectors in the following areas.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

This is the systematic examination conducted to determine whether a proposed project will have any adverse impacts on the environment. The process involves the identification of potential environmental impacts, formulation of mitigation measures and generation of an Environmental Management Plan.

Environmental Audits

Environmental Audit -3

We undertake Environmental Audits for ongoing projects. This involves the systematic Evaluation and Monitoring of activities and processes of an ongoing project. EA ensures a safe and healthy environment at all stages of project operations and decommissioning and a continual improvement of the Environmental Management System.

Environmental Management Plans and Policies


The firm also undertakes comprehensive studies on a client’s environmental needs and formulates Environmental Management Plans and policies which are geared towards meeting the National and international environmental standards including the ISO Management Systems.

Social Impact Assessment

Environmental Management Plans and Policies

We evaluate the impact on society of certain development schemes and projects before they commence. These include new roads, industrial facilities, mines, dams, ports, airports, and other infrastructure projects. We also carry out SIA as part of, or in addition to Environmental Impact Assessments.

Strategic Environmental Assessments

Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA's) Resized

We offer this systematic decision support process, to ensure that environmental and possibly other sustainability aspects are considered effectively in policy, plan and program making.