Physical Planning Services

Our practical experience over the years provides us with valuable insight and understanding of complex planning issues. The firm provides a wide range of Physical Planning services that identifies sustainable solutions to avoid, reduce or control the Environmental and Social Impacts of development.

Part Physical Development Planning

Part Physical Development Planning Resized




The firm prepares part physical development plans on behalf of clients. These include; Change/Extension of User, Land Amalgamation/Subdivision schemes, Extension of Lease, Site Acquisition among others.

Urban Design and Strategic Planning

Urban Design and Srategic Planning Resized




Urban design and strategic planning involves the consideration of existing environmental, social and economic opportunities to promote a suitable urban environment for all stakeholders. Through our knowledge and skills, the Urban Synergy team prepares dynamic plans that incorporates best practices in Urban Design and Strategic Planning.

Master Planning

Master Planning Resized

We undertake Master planning which is aimed at providing a road map for future growth of a site or complex. This is achieved by looking at historically placed buildings, the next phase of growth and future growth. A master plan outlines a logical phased growth plan and indicates the maximum potential usage of a site.

Advocacy Planning





We carry out advocacy planning which is aimed at offering ordinary citizens expert advice on planning matters, assisting them and representing them before official bodies at the County or National level.

Physical Development Plans





We prepare Physical Development plans in collaboration with other experts/consultants depending on the nature of the assignment. This involves preparation of integrated land use plans to ensure sustainable development of an area.

Urban Renewal/Regeneration

Urban Renewal and Redevelopment




Urban renewal ensures rebuilding and redevelopment of impoverished/decayed urban neighborhoods by large scale renovation or reconstruction of housing and infrastructure. Some of the Socio-economic benefits of urban renewal include; Increased property values, Strengthened downtown economies, Appeal for more cultural and recreational facilities and creation of jobs.

Land Management Policy Advisory Services





We offer expert advice on sustainable land management policies to public sector clients in collaboration with other land policy experts/consultants. This ensures the supply of serviced land that is accessible to all, particularly the poor. We also advice private sector clients on existing land use policies to ensure compliance.